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Welcome to the Epic Rap Battles of Randomness Wiki!Edit

Epic Rap Battles of Randomness
Epic Rap Battles of Randomness is a fan made series based off of Epic Rap Battles of History.

Created by Kyle J.

Main Rappers Kyle J.

Written by Kyle J.

Edited by Kyle J.


List of Battles & Miscellaneous
Season 1 Spike vs SpyroPeri vs WanderGary vs PerryUncle Grandpa vs Granny SmithGumball and Darwin Watterson vs Mordecai and RigbyPrincess Celestia vs Arceus
Season 2 TBA
Season 3 TBA
Scrapped Battles Bartman vs The Coon (Poll) • Bloo vs B.O.B (Poll) • Henmo24 vs AnY Pony (Poll) • Nyan Cat vs Giant Realistic Flying Tiger (Poll)
Fan-Made Battles Epic Rap Battle Parodies


Cast & Crew
Season 1 Kyle J.Zach SchroederSonicandlink445EpicRapBattlesOfTime
Season 2 TBA
Season 3 TBA


The Hub Spike
Video Game Characters Spyro
Disney WanderSylvia
Other Characters PeriEntree

Epic Rap Battles Wikis

Epic Rap Battles of HistoryEpic Rap Battles of CartoonsEpic Rap Battle ParodiesEpic Rap Battles of RandomnessEpic Rap Battles of Cartoon HistoryGaming All-Star Rap BattlesEpicRapBattles10Moleman's Epic Rap BattlesEpic Rap Battles of Time

Latest activityEdit

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